Death Of A City

Ken Stringfellow

Did Ray really survive the death of a city that once was alive?
Still wears bespoke suits. He feels fireproof
Maybe religion still offers him proof
And he walks right through you and I now, silently making his usual rounds

Oh, you're over and done with now
You've broken my heart in
But that's not important
A minor misfortune
Now you're over and done with now
The death of a city
And nobody really cared

Backstreets, somebody weeps
Closed-circuit cameras are making the sweep
And they look down on grass turning brown
'Cos nothing is able to live in this town
So you go out, late, and look for the stars
All you see is orange on the clouds

Are we able to see what somebody was dreaming in steel and in stone?
Streets laid, workers were paid
And the skyline was something that everyone owned

And you know...sometimes that's all you get to

No, you're not going now
Not when we're still enough to hear our own sounds
Like when we breathe through each other's mouths
The broken-out window gives view to the south
Now was it just a trick of the light, or did I see movement attracting my sight?
Is it somebody waiting for word to pull the curtain down?
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