Yellow River


Ao ouvir a música cantada por Lobo, observei que há um trecho que não consta da letra. É uma parte inicial apenas, o resto está correto.

""I'm so tired of being so alone
So scared I'm sick inside
I long to see my home
On yellow river ""

So long boy you can take my place,
Got my papers got my pay
So pack my bags and I'll be on my way
To yellow river

Put my guns down the war is won
Fill my glass high the time has come
I'm going back to the place that I love
Yellow river

Yellow river yellow river
Is in my mind and in my eyes
Yellow river yellow river
Is in my blood it's the place I love
Got no time for explanation got no time to lose
Tomorrow night you'll find me
Sleeping underneath the moon at yellow river

Cannon fire lingers in my mind
I'm so glad that I'm still alive
And I've been gone for such a long time
From yellow river

I remember the nights were cool
I can still see the water pool
And I remember the girl that I knew
On yellow river
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