I've Got You, You've Got Me


Sittin' here, wonderin' if I've done
The right things in my life
Maybe I should a had a job
Bought a house, and made you my legal wife

When I think of the load,
I start seein' the road,
Then I see the light,
And I know we did right

I've got you and you've got me
We've got something most people need
I've got you and you've got me
We've got out love and our life is free

Late at night when you're sleepin' I toss
And make up things in my head
Even tho' you're sleepin' on the ground
With me are you dreamin' of your feather bed?

Then you move in your sleep
Your hand touches my cheek
I feel love in your touch
I know you're happy enough

Sooner or later we're gonna make the move
People think we should
Maybe we already have our thing
That's something between me 'n you

Let them think what they will
Baby, we're happy still
Lovin' ev'ry new day
We found our own way
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