Rock Me Baby (In The Name Of The Blues)


I stopped off at a road house down in
Mobile Alabama
The smoke was thick and the crowd was kinda thin
But the backup band was jamin'

When out on the stage she came in a rage
It was a red head darlin' blue
When she hit that mic she let out a wail
And the whole place came unglued

And I said Rock Me Baby In the name of the blues
Slide over here Let me get into your groove
Baby if you know the chords, I got all the moves
So Rock Me Baby, In the name of the blues

I made my way to the bandstand
And I set myself down at her feet
She was making sweet love to that slide guitar
Like she was making sweet love to me

Now I have been in love with the girl next door
And a woman with a fancy car
But there's nothing in the world
Like the heart of a girl
That knows how to play guitar
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