Late Christmas Eve


The kids are finally in bed
Visions in their heads
The gifts are laid out
Where they can see
Placed there by you and me
We're holding hands by the fire
Both so happily tired
This is the time
We wait for every year

It's late Christmas eve
That special time just for you and me
All the colors of Christmas
A glow by the light of the tree
The kids have been so good
We probably got them more than we should
It's one of those times you know
Why you believe
Late Christmas eve

The house is blessed with the sound
Of a new soft snow falling down
Tomorrow's excitement just seems
To hang in the air
It's suspended there
It's the single best night of the year
Knowing the kids biggest day is so near
Tonight is ours
But tomorrow's all there's

For ever and ever and ever darlin'
It will always be
That very special time
Just for you and me
Late Christmas eve
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