I'm Glad I've Got Someone (Who Loves Me Like That)


She wants to know where I am all the time,
Who I talk to what I do
When I'm away she calls on the phone,
You'd think she's checking up on me
She says she just wants to hear my voice
And make sure I'm ok

I'm glad I've got someone
Who love's me like that
Someone who always misses me
And just can't wait till I get back
She can't love me too much...
I just can't get enough
I'm glad I've got someone...
Who love's me like that

I'll have a day at work
When everything has gone wrong,
I want to spend some time alone
Out on the freeway
Feeling sorry for myself,
I hear the ring of the car phone
She says "Hey baby how's it going
Are you on your way home?"
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