Happy Days In New York City


In the north there's a great big city
Eight million people or so
This was at one time a happy place
But that was long ago

Kids playing ball in the street
Smiles a part of the game
The bars were filled with laughter and fun
And colors seemed the same

Happy days in New York city
Happy days in New York city
In those days

Then like a plague it happen
People didn't laugh anymore
And bars were scenes of brawls and fights
And no one cared anymore

Riots in all of the schools
The garbage blocked out the light
Skies were gray, a stayin' that way
And teachers voting to strike

Bad days in New York city
Bad days in New York city
I those days

But today in New York city
The people are smiling a lot
And it's all because of the group of guys
Who used to loose a lot

Now it took eight years to do it
And they don't know what they've done
For the city's beginning to smile again
The Mets have finally won

Happy days in New York city
Happy days in New York city
In these days

Together for just one moment
Business men, soul brothers and nuns
And all because of such a simple thing
Can't this feeling live on
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