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For Your Love (feat. Young Rome)

Marques Houston

[chorus marques houston]
Here i am all alone
Tossin turnin
Longin for some of your
Tender love
I waited for the right
Moment to come
So i can thank you for
All the tender love you've given to me

[young rome]
I have no intentions of leaving
This lovin' that your receiving
The reason is simply 'cause your breathing
I love the way that you talk and
The way that you walk
You make traffic stop
Oh baby your body cause accidents
Been diggin' you for a minute
So i've been at you since day one
Now we on stage one
So what we share has just begun
We shine like the sun
Now you don't love me 'cause i'm a star
My jewels and my cars or the fans applause
That'll never change who we are
You a hood goddess
A little thuggish but modest
I'm dedicated baby your mine
Yes i'm wit'cha i promise
So all my homies light your lighters
If you gotta true ridah beside ya
I can't kick 'cause i'm hooked to this drug
Whoever said thugs dont need love
What what

[chorus marques houston]

[young rome]
We go back like sunflower seeds and flavored ices
Doorknockers its official my lovin' is priceless
You love rap but you always say i'm the nicest
And you sexy when you get mad
You wild out but i like it
You even threw my tims out in the street
We broke up and was back together within a week
Damn you sweet and you go to sleep in my boxers
I love to hear ya moan when i'm takin 'em off ya
Breakin you off proper call me the love doctor
Ride it 'cause you love it mami i won't stop ya
Baby ya gotta give me ya all
And i ball give you anything you want, its the law
Rule number one respect and cherish you
Rule number two girl i'll always take care of you
Rule number three just take my lady at all times
I get down for my girl you stay on my mind yes

[chorus marques houston]

[young rome]
I wanna make you feel good all over like you stephanie mills
You gotta man to hold u down
That will carry your bills
And your smile alone gives me chills i feel my skin vibrate
You can't front on a love this real
I was alone and at the top until i met ya
The game had me under pressure it can stress ya
When it comes to you 'cause money aint an issue
When i miss or i kiss i can feel it thru my

[marques houston]
Tender love, love so tender
Holding u close to me
Baby i surrender

[chorus marques houston]
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