Marques Houston

Oh no no...

Operator (operator) help me get my baby back
Cause i never meant to hurt her
I just can't give up on us
Operator help me get my baby back
What's the 411? can you get my baby on the line?

You know that i called you about a thousand times
But you keep on send me straight to voice mail
And i know you see my name on your caller id
So why you playing games? i said i'm sorry

Can we put the past behind us
Girl pick up the phone
Tell me how can i build you trust
I admit it i was wrong
Girl i need you love
I ain't asking for too much
I gotta get to you
So operator...


I tried to dail *87 girl
But nothing seems to work, you still won't pick up
Girl i know you're home and waiting by the phone
But you're just too stubborn, it's time to let go
Cause you know i love ya
And i'm thinking of ya
And i'm going to do right this time
Cause we've been doing this too long
Just to try to end it all


Can you please pick up? it's an emergency
Baby talk to me (talk to me)
I thought you would put you on and you belong to me
And i'm trying to connect with you
So pick up ( i need you baby)
So pick up (i'll going crazy)
Let me hear your ringtone (ringtone)
So baby girl pick up the phone...

[chorus] (2x)
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