Marques Houston

Making love to you, it feels so creative
I'll be your producer, just tell me what you like
I'll pull up the session and turn on the mic
So you can, sing, sing

Your body whispering melodies into my ear
We keep it ghetto just acapella no music here
So i can hear you clear
Shawty i love the way you move
Yeah.. yeah..


We could go left to right
Whatever way you like
We got this vertical
'cause shawty like it suicide
And if you wanna ride
You can just take your time
Keep one thing on your mind


Your body can be like my piano; i play you,
Plug my cord in, put extra reeverb on your vocal,
I go slow like a ballet, and fast like a club tune
When i get done i have you thinking like a first signal
Booty like a sub-woofer, just like a air o' [something..]
Perfects your light, new pumps, new loop all the extra plug-ins
Baby this ain't nothing wrong, this is the real thing,
So let me (let me) give you (give you)...

[chorus] (4x)
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