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Marques Houston


My name is Marques Barrett Houston
My mommy's name is Caroline
And my daddy's name is Michael
And my brother's name is Brandon
And my sister is -----
Like Michael Jackson and hager Murphy
Eddie Murphy
And sometimes my grandmother Bebe comes over
And she going put me in the movies and we going be rich

Even when I was 2 I knew I'd be something
I thank god cause without him non of this would be
When I was 8 I was on my worst behavior
By the time I was 12 playtime was over

When I was 14 I told the world we got it
And at 16 I took you on my journey
At 18 I introduced you to Imx
And at 20 Imx came to an end

But then again every end has a new beginning

At 21 that beginning gave birth to MH
At 23 MH got naked
After millions of albums sold
Hundreds of magazine covers

3 years in a row of making ya'll scream
7 seasons of television
And a number 1 movie that made the whole world wanna dance

From the beginning to now
I've survived the rumors
The negativity, the drama, the breakups, and make-ups
The confusion between me and people about me saying shit on the radio I never said
I inspired the new generation of music

So now at 25 I think it's safe to say
That I, Marques Houston, am a Veteran
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