Marques Houston

Girl you are the definition of a real woman
How can be harder when you be hope let’s just hope it
That I don’t really try to cope with bad girl
I want you to know that I need you
When you...with you
You look what you did to me
Beauty is cut me off
I know that I’m going crazy

Girl you got me speechless, speechless
Speechless, speechless, speechless, speechless
Speechless, speechless, speechless, babe

So baby, I need your patience
’Cause I need time to think what I’m gonna say to you
Because the next time that we meet I wanna be so prepared
’Cause girl I got a problem and I just gotta get over it
’Cause whenever I’m with you I face up
Look what you do to me, the beauty got me all above

‘Cause girl you got me speechless, speechless
Speechless, speechless
Oh you got me speechless
Speechless, speechless, speechless

Oh baby i’ma do my best to get close to you
Sure the perfect woman for me yeah
I wanna love my..I’m not gonna lose

Every time I’m with you a freeze, I freeze up girl
Beauty is got me all tarara
Got me squeeze like speechless, speechless
Got me speechless, speechless, speechless

Tururu, speechless, speechless
Tu tu tu, speechless
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