Get To The Point (feat. Tank)

Marques Houston

Trying to get down with you
Not trying to hit the town wit you (i'm getting to the point)
I got a whip that you can drive
Some first class tickets we can fly (i'm getting to the point)
We can hit the shops and balls
Even hit the ghetto malls (i'm getting to the point)
There's a lot of things we can do, but tonight i just want to get to the point with you.

I just want to get to the point
I could wine and dine you
But i'm not trying to nooo
Are we gonna get to the point
I was kinda thinking bout skipping all the hanging out
And getting straight to the room
Getting straight to your clothes
Getting straight to your body
From your head to your toes
Everything else we do is cool, but i really just want to get to the point with you.

[marques houston]
I wanna touch your body slow
Go places that he'd never go (i'm getting to the point)
Pour champagne down your back and drink
Go down so you can feel me think, yeaah (i'm getting to the point yeeaaaaaahhh)

We can beat around the bush but i (but i)
Just rather be around the bush (be around the bush)

[marques houston]
Wanna get you to the point
Where you're screaming on the floor
So let's not take no detour


All day i been waiting
And my body's been anticipating
So please don't delay my flight
Said i'm ready to take off
So baby just take off
Everything that we don't need
I didn't imagine that i
Now i wanna seee (so girl)
So girl are you ready
Cuz i've been ready (to get to the point with youuuuu)

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