Do You (remix) ft. Mary J. Blige


Sighs maybe this decision was a mistake
you probably don't care what i have to say
but it's been heavy on my mind for months now
guess i'm trying to clear some mental space

i would love to talk to you in person
but i understand why that can't be
i'll leave you alone for good
I promise if you answer this one question for me

i just wonder
do you ever
think of me
do you?

Mary J Blige:
found it lying bare in front of my door (door)
pick it up before my man could see (see)
not that i was trying to hide it from him (him)
calling me just trying to keep the peace

knew who it was from before i opened it
knew what it would say before i read
torn the letter up and threw it all away
with this question burning in my head

(Repeat chorus)
ne yo: i know what we had was dead ago

mary: too many times i made you cry

ne yo: and i don't mean to interrupt your life

together: i just wonder do i ever cross your mind

(Repeat chorus)

Do you? do you? do you?
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