Hate you


Second street
The restaurant where you took me
The first time you said it would be
Us together
I remember
I,I drove past it yesterday
Just reminisen on those days
To my surprise thats where I
Saw you together at our table with her cuddled up
And you look so happy she smiles back atchur smile at her yes I took that but when you kissed her i didnt mean to break the window but i just want you to know

Im not upset
Oh woaaahh
Not susicidal or depressed
Oh wooahhh
Just gotta get this off my chest
Oh woaaahh
Im not upset
Oh woaah
Im wishen you n her the best
Oh woaaaah
I'll leave right after i express
Woaaah oh

(verse 2)
Starren at me
From over there as if im crazy
I walk over asking who is she
Introduce myself to her
Hi im you in a year
Shes got my blue scarf on the one i couldnt find at home
I thought i lost it but now i know i almost break her neck and i snatch it off
Then you stand up and you say to me baby please dont start over me and i turn my head and smile dont mind the twitchen of my eye trust me when i say that im fine


Ooh every relationship has problems
Thought we were working it out little by little
Trying to be happy and then oooh
And dont thinkt that ill cry for you i hope your happy till she relizes that you were disguises
When she sees the real you shes gonnah hate you too

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