The story you 'bout to hear is complete fiction
It is however made up of a group of stories, true stories about real people
Thus creating real characters going through real things
Thus making the story itself real, true and a real story, a true story, is non-fiction

Our story begins in a dark place
A place where you learn that everything that you wanted
could potentially be the very thing that leads to your destruction
The very thing you should fear
This is a lesson learned the hard way, experience being the only teacher
I mean you can't exactly tell a broke man
that money is evil and expect him to listen to you now can you?
Naw he's got to go down that road
he's got to face them demons himself before he can acquire that knowledge
The money solves one group of problems only to introduce another
Strangers become friends, friends become enemies
The fame, just like any other drug feels incredible until you realize all that adoration, all that love, ain't real
And the women, huh, the women, a drug you use that uses you right back
A high for a high so to speak
Which brings us to Tammy
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