Black Angel


Nights full of fears
Eyes full of tears
Cus u been hearin'
The same lies for 5 years
Fresh out of high school
He pursued his career
And u played the house wife
Roll for dude and his kids
But now u can't get a break
No matter how hard u try
Your life's on the line
Everytime u start up the ride
Cus u never got ur L's
But it's hard not to drive
When ur baby got a cold
And the car is outside
Plus the hospital is far
And ur dude ran out on ya
Just because he said
That u had a mouth on ya
Becus u would scream and holla
When he walk up in the room
With maybeline up on his collar
And he didn't even bother
To consider his child
He said he'd always be around
But what's so different now?
You stressin now
Cause u can figure it out
But keep ur head
In the clouds girl
Continue to smile girl
Cus baby u are a

Black angel
Oh, baby you are so fly
Black angel
Girl don't let him
Hold you down
Get up
And just spread
Your wings and fly
Black angel

He swept u off your feet
When u met
It was love at first sight
He didn't even curse
Said he was the Church type
Was almost Mr. Right
Until ur first fight
And u found out
He was worse than ike
Cus he hit you
In the face so hard
That I hurt to bite
Now your uncertain
Of this person you liked
But you keep
Making excuses for him
Being abusive
Cause you want it
To work this time
So you convince
Your mind that it fine
But in time your gonna find
That real love
Ain't defined with violence
And if your crying every night
Just cause
Some guy decided it's ahhite
To hit you in the eye
Then it's time
That you learn
From the mistakes
Of those that chose to stay
Cause most
Of 'em are gone today
And there's a gang of sistas
That would probably
Still be with us
If they
Would've just flown away
Ne-Yo gone and sang

You're fly
Black angel
Oh, baby u are so fly
Black angel
Don't let him
Hold you down
Get up
And just spread
Your wings and fly
Black angel

Stop depending
On your man for love
And start depending
On the man above

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