Call Me Crazy (feat. Jay-Z)


And Ne-yo is like young mic well I'm queenzo hoe
Here's the flow that broke the da vinci code
I'm psycho everything I wrote go together so nice like a wed make you wanna throw rice I'm skitso coucou clock
Dont tik so rite sometimes til the chicks noudols
I got screws loss
I put words at the end like bluetooth
I'm a sandwich sorta of like a picnic ignorante
Thoughts come a cross shes was swore that I written this but
I didn't so maybe its good to be crazy aint it baby

I wrote your name on my wall 3000 time last night
You were on my mind, thats what I do to me thats
What you do then one by one
I went down the line just repeating it cuz it makes me smile
Thats what you do to me, thats what you do
Some say that is just strange to act that way
But they don't understand, no, they don't get it
U soo magnetic tho its pathetic
To my simple eternity just call me crazy inside and deranged, it dont matter to me
Call it what u want to, I don't care

And it doesn't make a difference for me
As long as she's there just call me crazy if loving U is crazy
Crazy is what I be crazy, crazy, just call me crazy
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