A millie


To whom it may
You might sell
A million more then me
But you dont got a
Million more than me
Lets be real
Lets do this thing
Now i dont normally
Do this but
Ahh lets get it
A mllionare i am young money
But be clear
My money so grown
It got grey hair
Though this neyo
Thang to you it may look
Like a new career
I've been a man behind
The pimp
For about 8,9 years
Cut my vein
Let it leak on the sheet
Of the tablet
I aint lyin
Man your girlfriend's
Favorite song is mine
If i sang it then i wrote it
Even if i didnt sang it
Write the lyrics make a millie let another artist bring it
R&b to pop
Even got them hip-hop
Records drop back like that
To make me better
Bust it baby pussy poppin
Tell them
Mothers hahahaha
While they hate im in japan
But a week makin millies
In languages i dont speak
If the language is money
Man if i speak is rather fluent
Man tango can get me about
3o times what you get
Write it in 15 minutes
A millie stack up
Ive been writin 9 years
Take your time and add
I got hits on other people
Not to mention my own
There aint many in my tax
Man im so alone
Pack it up and send them home
Pin on my microphone
By the time they reach my level man im already gone
Come on
At any one in general this is not
Been it
You claimin millies you aint got this red dot is on
Your forehead
My middle name is more bread
And my last name is than your bread
Get it
Whether i sing it or i spit
I deliver
Restin comfortably on 8
Get the picture
You do not pick a street fight with
Floyd mayweather you dont do it
Tango they talkin money
Are they talkin money
Compound is in the builden
Yo j b
I just got another
Irreplacable check
And about to get that g5
Yall want me to pick yall up somethin while im down there
Tango come with me
I get a discount if i get more than one
Ahh stop it
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