Real Love


some people find it hard to see, oh yes they do(they do)ooh
but everytime u look at me, no doubt about it
you love me we got

real love(cant stop it now)Real love(cant hold it down) real love(if i needed to, i'd give it all up for)real love(dont ask for more)
real love(im livin for)real love(uh huh)and if u feel love put ur hands together like this yall(put ur hands together)put ur hands together like this yall

some people know it when they feel it, yeah,
some people dont have a clue(no)
but what it is we share we care
so it be yea
so it will always be(be)the love between me and u this is

(Chorus w/ neyo singin tha () )

when i wake up in the mornin
and feel u next to me
i kno im blessed from above
cuz its all so clear to see
(baby 7xs
that i got a real love
(baby 7xs)

(chorus w/ girl && neyo ab lybing, repeat)
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