Shot Down


You should blame Ne-Yo, the tracking tail, of young player
Shot down in this crime, check it out
Cut it right to the chase I'ma keep it bro
… my wight from that side of the dance floor, sugar
My shoes are stepped on, my great … are gone, I spilled it
Tryn to get over here, but I ain't tripping cause I got paid for every drink that I spill,
A bottle replaces it
Every chick I loose, a model replaces it
I'm sorry forgive me, I'm bragging … …
I've been out of my way to check and ain't
Something that happens every day in fact
Girl I came, remember the last time I had to go get my
Normally they just … to the truck
I pick one that I want then we bounce to the spot
We do what we do and then I tell I hit the block
But then I picked a name so pack it up and let's go
What was that? What you mean? No Gotcha
Oh no no no, gotcha X2
I thought I was the man in the … of my …

Oh no no no, gotcha X2
I thought I was the man in the … of my …

Then momma look, you must not understand
You're standing in the presence of the man
Any woman in here that I wantin
And all I do is becoming its hard that I'm gonna get, don't trip
I'm knowing this is a little scary, happens …so very, I am your envy
I'm gonin to get you red goose and cranberry, the yellow canary, juice must be …
Little momma, didn't mean to intimidate,
I can feel I'm worthy of humiliate
I know you're thinkin to yourself this is really great
All momma girls here wants me to get …
Well it's you little momma, it's you
I forget people early, beein a fool it's cool
Take a … show me life's good, What ?
I just feel tryin to say nooo
Oh no no no, gotcha X2
… in the palm of my hand.
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