Alright shouts for j shout to kanye, cant wait for that
Ladies and gentleman this is your friendly neighborhood neyo
Now listen, I don't normally do this, I am not a rapper
But fuck it this is a mix-tape, so here's what we're gonna do
We're gonna have a little fun we're gonna talk a little shit
We're gonna spend a little money, we gonna spend a lot of money
See we can't spend a little cause I don't got a little money I got a lot of money
So we got to spend a lot of money
Talking fast but listening slow one of the two is happening
So fuck it lets go

I don't have swag, they will have to invent a word for what I have
Every time you see me I look like a money bag
Ne-yo good money everybody else money bad
Wait, what you mean money bad
Bet your money on them and you'll never get it back
Bet your money on the kid I guarantee that
When you'll get it back, you gonna need a bigger bag
I got a lot of money, know you
But it ain't in my gentleman nature to brag
So just for a second I'ma take the fedora off
And put on an ny fitted caps
And turn it to the back
To say a few thangs might make
See, everybody talk dough
But when ne-yo talk dough, ne-yo talk about dough that really have
Multiple accounts, multiple amounts, multi million dollars
From the multiple hits I have
Count them
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A porsche cayenne for my lady
And for me a porsche
A white sls gold wing benz with the doors that come up like wings on there
So when I come through set whatever you driving on fire nigger
Hit the call a cab
You got by a chain money, you got by a fast food
What you know about that
Ran out of oxygen
Call the waitress, we got 30 models shooting malibu red and we ran out of shots again
I'm a bully on this beat, beating on my competition go rocks again
Squeeze the trigger till the clip gonna stop another one in
And keep shooting, ran out of shots again
Ok, I got carried again, I thought it was a minutes, hahaha
Ladies and gentlemen, as I catch my breath, welcome to the mix-tape
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