yeah, she says sometimes that i play to rough.
but she likes it she likes it she likes it .
middle of the floor everyone staring at us.
but we like it we like it we like it .
anything she let me, wat ever shell let me.
ill do, ill do.
more then just sexy, youll never forget me .
ooh youuu.. you like it you like it you like it.
this is... unreal.. in dreams you can do what you feel.
make me love you.. make me love you.
make me love you.. and when were through.. make me mooreee. moooreeeeee.

make me need you... and to please you.
moree moree moree.
moore moore moore.
i need too feeel youuuu

please dont let it scare you and you see
i bet u liek it u like it u like it .
i want to smell you all over mee..
me all over you
make me love youu
and when were throughh
make me moooreee.. mooooreeee

make me need you.
and to please you... moooreee

i neeed you.
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