Pharoahe Monch

Pushin', pushin', pushin', pushin'

I live my life
One day at a time
Whoa my head
So I don't lose my mind
Sometimes you might fall down
But you get back up
Get on your journey
Yeah, keep on pushin'
Pushin', pushin', pushin'

I walked downstairs
And my body's light
Done pushed my struggles
Endured my pride
I fear no man
I know wrong from right
We push until the day we see the light
And we keep on pushin'
Pushin', pushin', pushin'

Your weak-ass compubot power shots mix fly over me
My accurate jabs connect like rotary
Make you notice me, be like:
"Damn, dudes on some totally when he rides the bass
line like Ginóbili"
I'm vocally unmatched, nobly
With the flow, slow on the ground
But mo' public than notary
Push, in this era of G.W. Bush
We must load mental ammunition and bust
Thus, I'm a hold you down, I got you
One more repetition I'm a spot you
This is for my blue collar workin', beer guzzlin'
Bootleg, DVD sellin', keep hustling
Push, if you represent the struggle then push
Peep the pieces of the puzzle and push
Never let 'em place a muzzle just push

Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on
(Push, push, push, push)
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