Hold On

Pharoahe Monch

(dialog between erykah and lil girl)
-you're beautiful you know that?
-uh huh
-do you know that?
-you do?
-um hmm
-you know when them kids tease you?
-uh huh
-don't you ever worry about that because you're very beautiful. do you know you're beautiful?
-um hmm
-are you ready?
-ma i love you.
-i love you

1st verse (pharoahe monch)

he pushed her down and called her black and ugly
she asked why must you tease me,
he laughed at her said your from africa
your hair is peasey
your skin is dark and greasy
and plus you are so beneath me
please trust me it wasnt easy
for diamond it scarred her deeply
plays like a ??offender bass??
to my self thought how much does gender play
rememberin' such hatred at this tender age
if i could send a mental page
my thoughts would end the rage
reminiscin' of the looks to her in class
i gave my eyes would say

hook (erykah)

hold on, im sure
theres so much more, to live for
if you hold on, things'll change
c'mon be strong
and hold on, im sure
theres so much more, to live for
as you grow strong things'll change
no pain, no gain

2nd verse

please be willing to fight for your will to spite
writings from Will-i-am lynch
mill-i-ons tried to rise like helium
but died in the fields and the trenches
cries from the killing is senseless
eyes to the ceiling it quinches
a thirst in the feeling thats endless
the prize like a rain that rinses
the soul and cleanses ya mind
from white picketed fences
heads up ya ass, splinters and face
meant to they ride and ?bench us?
the masters pastored disaster
them fascious bastards they crafted
this hazardous plan and still has us broken ??advanted??
we shoulder the struggle
with the wieght of a boulder that muffles
the sound of provocative ????? the pieces of puzzles
only deleted to be push to the back of ya mind
like a hairline that has receded
now we repeated,
the process but never weeded the problem out
heeded the warnings but never proceeded to solve it
no forward progress, its obvious the soul is gone,
i meditate and pray that these words will somehow allow you to...

3rd verse

see now diamond is priceless,
timeless how she maneuvers like Heimlich
in this new world it reminds me of isis
she knows now that her complexion is a holy device
a protection from UV rays
in this negative time of crisis
like a knife that butter slices
easily to anger she reacts pious
like a cell protectin itself from a virus
twice as strong as her demeanor
now she is Raekus
God is what you see now
when you peer inside her iris


diamond your so beautiful you can change this world if you want to girl oh ooooo cmon grow strong
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