Calculated Amalgamation

Pharoahe Monch

I was determined as damaged, psychologically
But still managed to gain a new perspective on the term
"Surround yourself with greatness"
Found myself standing in a room full of mirrors
But even my reflections disrespect you like a freshman during hazing
(What an amazing assessment)
The police booked me for Booksmart but who the promoters book now?
Raised the bar so high that the bar's afraid to look down
Spent nights in a casket, at dawn/Don I'm a King
Play pawn to a queen, put her throat in the tabernacle
So actually you should build a statue of my likeness in the centre of the city
(The women were riddled into rose petals)
No justice, no peace, no settle
We are renegades, fuck your gold medal

The people are the majority
You can't survive without us, you need us
Attitude, never defeat us
Rebels, so please believe it's
War on the streets of Egypt
My vocals a total eclipse of totalitarianism
You seek to mistreat us
So this is calculated amalgamation
One shit fired inspired by hope to arouse a nation
(I), I am the renegade
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