Pharoahe Monch

Yes, how many gorillas who actually killers really rhyming
Artists that actually signed still killing
And when it comes to killing the mic
They not willing and I'm supposed to be shook
That's the shit that kill me
Take the bullet for Barack on the balcony then vanish
Extinguish the sun when I drew
Play pool with the planets
We are renegades
The movement outlandish
My shit straight from the soul, goddamnit
It's the one time only
Vernacular original miraculous spectacular flow
Computer digital
I piss upon the pitiful
Ridicule the minuscule
Pharoahe Monch need to pump that ass like municipal
And listen to an enigma
The anomaly your momma nominated me phenomenal
I dominated without a 6-pack abdominal
You could get 19 put through that like Amadou
So what I'ma do is separate the false from the truest
You've amassed nothing trying to ball like U Mass
So phenomenal with mics I don't like myself
Sadomasochist MC, I bite myself
But not cameo though
There's no Grammy to show for the love that people hand me on the street
Now overstand

Grade school mathematics examining thugs
They discuss Bloods, Crips, techs, jamming, and drugs
I speak of world peace, war, famine, and flood
Watching' Pan's Labyrinth while I'm unravelling bud
Gambling on the next rapper to die in the hood
If God shall choose that artist to be me
Let one verse of a song be a reflection of a pedigree
Better than your back catalogue recipe
The legacy by which the entire world remembers me
Quote, do not edit me; let it be said
I'm top 5 all time alive!
We know that's misstated and so overused
So here's a overview of why I'm 6 feet over you
And a million fans think this statement is so overdue
And pardon if it sounds a little wheezy
Not Wayne, motherfuckers I got asthma; it's not easy
Shotgun lyrical; cock back, squeeze me
Women case my anatomy; touch me, tease me
Please seize the moment in the struggle against Lucifer
Renegade 13 the Executioner
Spit with a crucifix
So that you can expect the rant from Pharoahe Monch like Mucinex
Get used to it
Get used to wisdom
Get used to usage of a backward euphemism
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