When The Gun Draws

Pharoahe Monch

First the gun draws and you know, that something's
Then darkness falls and oh, your heart beats rapidly
Be prepared because, war is coming
You can't be scared now, when the streets is calling

[Verse 1:]
Good evening,
My name's Mr. Bullet
I respond to the index when you pull it, the trigger
So make a note, take a vote
Quick man, nickname's Quaker Oates 'cause
Whether domestic violence or coke deals
See how less has changed brain matter to oatmeal
And when I kill kids they say shame on me
Who the fuck told you to put they names on me?
White man made me venom to eliminate
Especially when I'm in the hood, I never discriminate
Just get in 'em, then I renovate
Flesh, bone, ain't nothing for me to penetrate
And it can happen so swiftly
One false move might just shift me
If I'm in-lodged and your soul's not claimed
I'll remind that ass when it's about to rain like


[Verse 2:]
Would the new method of murder be arson or firebombs?
If the cost of a single bullet was more than the
Strange that is, when all exists are final
Point blank range that is
My attitude is cold and callus
Killed Kings in Tennessee
Presidents in Dallas
And if the past be known, at last we know
What happened that afternoon on the Grassy Knoll
It's what made a widow of Jackie O.
The government hired Lee Harvey to blast me though
Fatality shot entered from the right temple
Was not fired from a six-story window
Can it be that it was all so simple,
But yet remains so painful to rekindle
I come through your city I'm hot
Whether you're jiggy or not
Whether your Biggie or 'Pac
"When the Gun Draws"

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