Let's Go (feat. Mela Machinko)

Pharoahe Monch

(One) One for the money
(Two) Two for the show
(Three) Three to get it crackin' in the hood (Let's Go!)

My rrrrhymes pop like them 9's they claim they tote
But they rrrrap lack luster shine
My shit bust like Busta RRRRhymes sniffin' lines of coke
(Wooooo Haaaaa!!) That's all she wrote
I'm on a quest to qualify for these inquisitive quotes
Quirk ass MCs be as Queer as Folk
Talkin' about, "Nigga can rap!" - No shit sherlock
Y'all MCs can't see me like Matt Murdock
I'm the pinnacle rhyme kid
Any line of mine is criminal minded
I blind them with original rhyme shit
Fall in line with the set, cynical crime shit
Clinically approved for you to move your behind with, timeless
All world girls willin' to stride with Pharoahe, do you need to be reminded?
Now stick'em up a set
Get'em up a set
Put'em up a set
(Let's Go!)

(Yeaaaaa, How we rock)
(Show them how we, Ro-o-oll)
(Ye-e-ea yea ey yea)(Let's GO!)

Line it up!
Light it up! Fire it up!
Wire me up, Let it blow
(One) One for the money
(Two) Two for the show
(Three) Three to get it cracking in the hood
(Let's Go!)

(Verse 2)
They research my stem cells, clone ten of me
Send one of them back in time just to get rid of me
Stop Pharoahe Monch from having verbal epiphanies
Now thats new definition to your own worst enemy
Ock listen man
Stop snitchin' man
We use sex to cell
Then you to 'Nex-to-tel', then Sprint
Everything you represent is E-moral
'Singular'...not plural
You and your sidekick, get rid of that wack trio
I freeze MCs zero degrees below
The 'blacker the berry', the sweeter the juice
You need to get loose, to the heat i produce
From Long Beach to Boston
You chick 'Tex-us' like Dallas and Austin
I spark tireless illumination
Fire 16-bars of wireless communication
(Let's Go!)




(Verse 3)
(Scratches and mixes of Pharoahe Monch lyrics)
(Pharoahe's flows blows shows)
(The M-O-N-C-H)
(Y'all know the name)
(Let's Go!)
(Hallelujah! Pharoahe Monch will do ya)
(The M-O-N-C-H)
(Y'all know the name)
(Let's Go!)

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