The Same Moon

Phil Collins

When the daylight comes and I look across the room
I see you're gone
As the morning breaks and I reach to hold your hand
I can see, see I'm the only one

Well, your clothes are gone and your bags are packed
But the bed's still warm where you lay
Now I need your love to come shining through
To carry me, come carry me away

If you choose a time, I'll catch the moon
I'll see you there
From wherever I am, wherever you are
We'll find somewhere

I see the same stars in the same sky
Shining down on you
I'll be looking up from wherever I am
And it's you I'll see if you're looking too

There'll be days that'll seem much longer
Some nights will seem so cold
But I see hope on the horizon
And it's gotta come soon
Please don't be too long, don't be too long

If you choose a time, we can catch the moon
Oh, I'll see you there
Whenever it is, from wherever you are
Oh we'll find, yes we'll find somewhere
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