Slow Jamz Flow

Phil Collins

It's the Tite yeah, my flow is so necessary
I stay strapped in the hood, these streets is military
I'm in the drop six, tint is out topless
With that hot shit, for haters when they pop shit
With 24's on the side, just like I'm T.I
We G fly, Dirty 3rd niggaz we high
I got that bomb weed, greener than a palm tree
If you block me work, fuck it I'm gon bleed
I ain't the type that like to stunt, like the Birdman
I keep it gully for my whole, Dirty 3rd fam
I ain't a killa my nigga, but don't push that
My hood raps keep it gutter, bring the hood back
I'm trying to plot with a plan, to be a rich man
Since my first flow, I never had to switch man
It's Chalie Boy and the Tite, your hood superstars
If it's jamming it's us, you know who we are
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