Tear It Up Flow

Phil Collins

I'm a tear this mother up, like a pit that ain't ate shit
I came to take shit, chain and duct tape shit
I'm in the club, making mo'fuckers lay it down
It's the Tite grown man, I don't play around
Gun on my waist, at least two clips
Who gon arms to his waist, so I can box too swift
I'm down with drugs and thugs, Crips and Bloods
Anybody in the ghetto, I can show 'em a thug
I'm a start shit, with any nigga claiming hard shit
Quick to light a nigga up, I'ma spark shit
I'm from the ghetto, crack heads and sterile
I'm like a soldier, so I keep heavy metal
I spit it wreckless, thugged out from Texas
I'm riding slab, mo'fuck a damn Lexus
It's the Tite, ten hoes and the bitch made's
Gun miss em, I'ma hit 'em with the switchblade
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