Power Up Flow

Phil Collins

When my 20's touch the ground, I'm chopping the block
Blades chop nonstop, while the trunk unlock
Going hard speakers pop, when I cut up the bang
Dirty 3rd on my chain, piece heavy to swang
Nigga what nigga who, ain't no holding the Tite
I Roy Jones a nigga quick, cause I'm calling the fight
Showing ass when I mash, with my D3 stash
Running motherfuckers over, when it comes to the cash
Flipping with the Blyndcyde, in a limo with tint
We got the whole block bent, cause we gon represent
Gripping grain in the lane, watch me hit 'em it hurt
Doing work for my turf, so I'm coming in first
With your wife I'ma flirt, now go on think about that
Shit is real in the field, so you better get back
Trunk crack fuck that, watch it open and shut
All chatter better hush, about the D3 Nutt
Power up better duck, when I'm going all out
Any nigga 'gainst the Tite, getting they ass hauled out
The hardest nigga since Pac, to ever touch a mic
You better call the calvary, because I'm killing the hype
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