So Gone Flow

Phil Collins

The mood is right, the lights is low
Fingers running down your back, all nice and slow
Now kissing your neck, mind filled with sex
In between your thighs, got you dripping wet
Now I'm touching you, I got a lot of lust for you
Dick standing at attention, wanna fuck with you
And what we do, everythang front to back
Tongue kissing while we clutched, now what's up with that
Kissing your hips, move down licking your lips
Everything you ever missed, baby girl that's it
Now picture me pushing, in and out feeling my wood
Legs crossed up the spread, and the feeling is good
Flipping you over, face down beating it up
Head board bout to break, but I ain't easing up
I'm certified, with the tip of the tongue
Leaving you sprung, got your body shaking while it flow with cum
I'm the one, magic stick Tite's the Don
Touching every part of you, cause the night is young
Don't wipe my sweat, that's what I call the nicest sex
Fro my mouth to my dick, I'm the nicest vet
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