Dirt Off Your Shoulder Flow

Phil Collins

Dirty 3rd through the do', niggaz go on get your mind right
Bitches they love us, cause we standing in the lime light
Haters they hate, cause we always keep our shine bright
Get that, hate out your blood
Nigga get that, hate out your blood
Nigga get that, hate out your blood

We back on the streets, and we hearing the beat
Niggaz tip-toeing and talking, that the Sho-Off is weak
My nigga back in the zone, in the legalist zone
When it comes to punching these lines, y'all niggaz is clones
All these cats they be hating, cause we back on the block
Dirty 3rd nigga we hot, we the cream of the crop
My flow hit like a Mausberg, and hurt like a pine nerve
Niggaz be loving our shit, but guess what not yours
I'm pimping a pen, trying to buy me a Benz
Money's my best friend, you can tell by the grin
Trying to chrome up the wheels, Giovani that spin
Take 20's to shine like glass, and sprayed by Windex
We back for the throne, the 3rd back on the map
We the train on the track, no holding us back
Mo'fucker-mo'fucker, I say
We the train on the tracks, no holding us back


Yeah niggaz, get that hate out your blood
You faggot mo'fuckers, wanna holla at my boy Magno
And his lil' brother, Young Slugga thugging
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