Raheem DeVaughn

As the seconds turn to minutes
As the minutes turn to hours
As the sound of love is hollared
Time just keeps elapsing
And I just keep climaxing
With sweaty palms
To say the least
And you know just what to do
To curl my toes
When she blows, there I go
I lose all control
And there's no need for batteries
Once you turned on your lights

I respond to her femininity

The sweet taste of heaven
I taste when I kiss you
Suga, you fulfill the passion
You make all my daydreams come true
I'm caught in your seduction
U make me less my more and more
When it rains, girl it pours
From the vibe to the core
Now feel your hands
Stretch my back
As you play in my lap
Let it go, let it go
Let it go, let it go
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