Woman I Desire

Raheem DeVaughn


There is good music but there is no goodbye
So i'm finnin' to kiss that ass hello
Then praise high heaven, a scale of one to ten cannot appraise a fly eleven
You're my ghetto queen like thelma evans
If you looking for a dude then i am devin
Woman, you are ice cold holy water when i'm going through hell
And we are a provocative love story that i'm going to tell
Let me be so many cool breezes on the hottest day of the year
And you are holistically the topic of my discussion, not just your rear
So please baby let me make love to you, my career
And then flip me into a hypocrite cause i beg for your moisture as i dry each tear
Damn woman, you sweet sticky thing
I am drenched in your wetness
So this kool-aid smile can change the attitude of gratitude that you would even let this happen
And thanks for not snapping when our rapping didn't reflect your worth
So this is me tapping into your maple syrup and letting each drip, drop into my mouth
So i skip downtown and slip down south
This way i can sip me some flow from the mouth of your mighty mississippi until i am tipsy
Or till there's none left and if done right, you'll mention malik and god in one breath
I love you to death, na i love you to life, love of my life, love you as my wife
I don't even need a number to call you, sister, goddess, baby, momma
So blessed that you are my baby momma
Super thorough although they seem to trip when you young
But woman you defy physics you crib out west but stay on the tip of my tongue
So technically you occupy two spaces simultaneously
You are god and body same as me
So i worship your dichotomy... shamelessly
Cause you drown me... and set me on fire too...

I desire you
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