Is It Possible?

Raheem DeVaughn

Can a smile lead to a hello
And a hello lead to a first date and
a first date to a can't wait to do it again
Ain't no pressure(no)
Can just let love develop
Get to know one another
From a sister
To a brother

I'm just wondering
I'm just wondering
If we start as friends
I'm just wondering
If you have a man
I'm just wondering
If I could be around, permanent
How can I get down?

I'm just wondering
What do you see
When you look at me
In your beliefs, Do dreams come true?
Cuz I dream of you, of holding you
I'm wondering...

Is it possible
For you to see
That maybe you and I could be
Is it possible
For you to see
That maybe you said I could be
Say it's possible
For you to see that maybe you and I could be
Is it possible
To be logical
For you to see that we could be

2nd verse:
Patience, I was born with plenty
So if and when you're ready
Have some faith girl
And we can step out on faith
Cuz baby I'm not your everyday, average man
Spittin everyday, average lust
Or rehearse girl. I speak the truth at all times
So if you're wonderin, (if) This is too far feteched
If you're wonderin, this is no conquest
To love you, then leave you there,
so I'm wondering, wondering

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