Raheem DeVaughn

Mama, i need a ride, yeah
Somewhere like that
Would you mind?
Would you mind? sing

I was on aisle 95 on my way to mickey d's
When the back lights i went flash
That's when a sexy little thing with a curl, tongue ring
Jumped out of a black cadillac

Now she had a hourglass figure, no sign of a man
And all she said when she offered a ride was
Hey baby listen, you can drive on one condition
I'm drivin' to get inside

She said if you want to ride in my cadillac
You gotta know how to act, when to jump in the back
You gotta touch me like you wanna be touched
Like it ain't too much for you


Now when i jumped in that's when she begin
Comin' and attackin' on me
Then she stopped the car, told me to drive
'cause she had a little trick from me to see

So i followed her directions to turn where she said
Not worryin' 'bout where we supposed to be
And as i got no signal, all i heard was the words
And the hands and she said to me, see

[chorus] (4x)

How far will then i risk it?
Have you been there before?
Come on now slow i'll take you
And leave you thirst for more

[chorus] (6x)
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