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Try Again

Raheem DeVaughn

I thought
I'd hear your voice
(Hello, hello, hello)
But instead the operator
Says your number's changed
My apologies
(My apologies)
Please forgive me please
For I've been selfish
And I'm to blame
If I could reverse the years
(If I could reverse the years)
To take back all the tears
I'd rewrite the screenplay
But life don't work that way
(What you mean it
Don't work that way?)
So lonely here I lay
Wishing you
Was still my lady

When it's not easy
To walk away
(Try, try, try, try again)
When you don't really mean
What you say
(Try, try, try, try again)
When you feel incomplete
Don't you go losing sleep
I think you
Should try again
Can we try again?
Try again

The perfume
You used to wear
(The sweet perfume
you used to wear)

I smell it in the air
And do a double take
And sometimes
I play your song
(Sometimes I play your song)
Just to dance along
Just to cut the pain
Please forget me not
(Don't forget, don't forget
Don't forget, don't forget me)
If ever you should tie the knot
Or just find somebody new
I hope this rights
The wrongs that I've done
See I composed this song
Cause it's hell without you


See winter's
Too cold without you
Summer too lonely
Without you
And I can't stop
Thinking about you
Can we try again?

Oh, fall
That's when we met
Spring it was times
I can't forget
My Cinderella
My Juliet
Can we try again?
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