She's Single

Raheem DeVaughn

Hit me up on twitter
Turn me up a lil bit
Ayye 368 hustlas (oooh darlin)
Radio by heem gmix (oh yeah, oh yeah)

Take off that gucci this and louis that,
Break out the magnum gold 12 pack.
And then i lay you down on your back,
And get that foreplay goin.
Bite your bottom lip thats sexy too,
And your eyes roll back as i devour you.
And im so hot like a brick of white,
(so hot) hot like a mountain on top.
(so hot) hot like a wimshaw drum,
So cold when you give me some.
I rock them marvin and the barry white,
You holler at this thing boy all night.
I let you ride it like ferrari,
Got your body soakin' wet, sweatin' like safari. (ooooh)
From sudown to till white turns grey, (grey grey grey)
We sex sex sex till the next next day.
Thats how it is every time we mingle,
I make her quit her boyfriend and tell him that she's single

[chorus] (2x)
She's single
Tonight she's single,
Game over its a rap let's mingle.
I get her kissin' and huggin' real good lovin'
I bust wide open and she bring it right back tonight

She's holdin on for dear life,
While im all up in her paradise.
I make her melt like ice cubes,
She's so sexy when she's in the nude.
I love it when she do that shit,
So its mine mine mine when im all in it.
And my name name name she be callin it,
And i hit it hit it hit it like a hockey stick.
Jersey number 69,
Im all on her she's all on mine.
She said microphone's her favorite song,
So i keep it g put it on and let her perform.
(yeah) she call me mr. marathon,
Like a distance runner i perform.
Way i stroke and pace it,
(mmm) and taste it (yeah).
Man its no wonder that she's single

[chorus] (2x)

She's singlee
She's singlee (yeahh)
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