Fuck the Industry (Signed Sincerly)


I'll never be picture-perfect Beyonce
Fly like J-Lo
Or singing baby like Shanti
I barely comb my hair, yeah that's on a good day
I don't care what the hood say
I ain't street like Keyshia
Aint never tried to be
And I got soul in my soul
But not quite like Mary
Ain't nothing really R&B about me
And I said bump what the Hood say
I'm sorry I ain't in the Benzes in my videos
I'm sorry I ain't even really trying to match my clothes
I can tell you ???
But I can also tell you who the king dilla is
And I got knowledge if you really want to talk about it
No I don't trust projects just to walk around it
So, I'm writing this letter to the industry
It says F*ck You Signed Sincerely

Aww yeah
Here we go again
"Solo, can you tone it down?
Be more like them?"
But everything I'm not
Makes me everything I am
Awww yeah
Oh, here we go again
People talking shit, but when the shit hits the fan
Everything I'm not makes me everything I am

I'm not a goody-goody
But I don't watch my mouth
I ain't no goody-goody
But I appreciate the ones who rooting for me
Cause everybody gone and got an opinion, baby
And I been feeling lately
Like I can't help it
Big up, haters
If you don't like it
I didn't make it for you, ooh, ooooh
You, ooh, ooooh
I'm not apologetic
If you don't like it its probably 'cause you don't get it
And you can tell the world
What you heard I said
And I ain't talking about me
I'm talking bout the ones who represent what I believe
The Fresh Kids
The What Comes Next? Kids
The See You At The Art Exhibit Oh Hell Yes Kids
The Politic Kids, The Be ______ And Declare Your Independence Kids
If I'ma vote for something I'ma go Barack the vote this year
Talking bout the ones who said "Enough!"
But I got too much 'I don't give a what' in my cup
And I don't care what the next man is saying
I'm just saying to the industry
This is F*ck You, Signed Sincerely

Oh, yeah
Oh, here we go again
People talking shit, but I don't give a damn
Everything I'm not makes me everything I am
Oooh, yeah
Oh, here we go again
People talking shit with no pot to piss in
But everything I'm not is everything
I can

I can do anything
I remember the Doc sayin "Whatchu gone do? Girl you 17?"
'Ye ripped on this track, made it into a jam
I just borrowed it just to tell you who I am
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