Interlude: Pedestals


But man, I done been through it all
So I, I said: I wanna tell my story
'Cause I, I never cried or nothing
And that's what, uh, make 'em say uhh, uhh
That's like my pain, that's basically what that is
That's my battle cry

Think about it: None of us are perfect
We live in an imperfect world
You know, only God can judge me, that's how I look at it
The people that's sitting around pointing their fingers
Imagine all the stuff they're probably doing
Whether you're police officers, doctors, lawyers, presidents, whatever
You got good and bad in everything
You know, we're putting people on a pedestal that's just a human like us

You know, I mean, they got more drugs in the rich neighborhoods
Than they got in the hood
A lot of their kids dying from overdose and things like that, think about it
Black kids have to figure it out!
We don't have rehabs to go to
You gotta rehab yourself
But for us, you can't pull a plug on us and tell us it's over
Not me!
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