Interlude: For Us by Us


And they offered me a million dollar deal
And had the check ready
Said I wouldn't be able to use my name
I was fighting my brother, because
Man, you shoulda took the million dollars!
I said: No, what you think I'm worth?
If this white man offer me a million dollars
I gotta be worth forty, or fifty
Or ten or something
To being able to make Forbes
And come from the Projects
You know, Top 40 Under 40
Which they said couldn't be done
Had twenty records on the top Billboard at one time
For an independent company
Black-owned company

You know, going to the white lady's house
Where my grandmother lived at
And say: Look, you don't have to work here
No more Big Mama!
We got more money
Than the people on St. Charles Street

And I, I took that anger and said
I'mma put it into my music
I tell people all the time
If you don't understand my record
You don't understand me
So this is not for you
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