This Song's For You


This Songs for you!
Stop Now Go! Well,well well..
Stop Now Go...Now Go!

If you been hated on or lied on then
oh..This songs for you
If someone's ever told you ain't gon'
do good this songs for you
If you have been knocked down on,been discouraged
Then I want you to
Say to yourself I Rock,I'm Hot,Fo'sho I'm not gon stop now go

Verse 1
i've got a lot to prove
So many waitin' on me to
Fail every step that I take
So I just gotta make sure
That I do the best that I can
Everyway and everything and Block all the doubters away
Cause I'm gonna claim Oh so I'll Say


So many people want to
Have something to say and make
You have to suffer from their lies
Happened to me so many Times
Inside I'm building up being Happy for others
People try to bring you down, but if you don't let em' they can't do it


If someones every doubted you ( This songs for you)
If someones Misrouted you( This songs for you)
Say to yourself I'm still gon' make it,gon' take it ( This songs for you)
If someones Cheated you ( This songs for you)
If they Mistreaded You ( This songs for you)
Say to yourself I prepare for whatever
( This songs for you)

Chrous till end
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