My Skin My Logo (feat. Gucci Mane)


Gucci like to slang, Gucci like to bang
Gucci like to come down, he go hard in the paint
Gucci like to swang, Gucci like to sway
Gucci like to come down, and he start just any day (huh)
Gucci like to play, Gucci like to play (yeah)
Gucci like to come down in his thought, just he eat plain
Gucci fly, Gucci got that eye
Gucci comin' down on the slab with the fly (wop)
Gucci got that grill, Gucci got the chill
Gucci comin' down with the lame, got the feels
Gucci on his sheets, Gucci on his feet
I didn't want a soccer, she had Gucci on her cleats
Gucci like to shine, Gucci like to wave
Gucci like to come down, he go hard in the paint (huh), paint
He go hard in the paint, paint (wop)
Gucci, he go hard in the paint, paint (it's Gucci)

Solo like to drank, solo like to ball (yeah)
Solo brought the gang, they don't hold a wall (nah)
Solo like to shop, solo bought the mall (yeah)
Solo brought the guap, solo throwed it all (woo)
Guwop not polo (it's Gucci)
My skin my logo (yeah)
My skin my logo

Moment of you
Get into that moment of you

I'm comin' down hard, comin' down clean
Comin' down main (got, got the swingers on)
Comin' down, comin' down, got to lay it down, I been, ooh
(Got, got, got, got the swingers on)
Whip candy paint, wood grain, candy paint, wood grain
With, with, with, with the swangers on
Got, got, got the swangers
Ooh, that's my baby
Ooh, that's my boy
Ooh, that's my baby
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
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