Interlude: This Moment


If you don't understand us
And understand what we've been through
Then you probably wouldn't understand
What this moment is about
This is home. This is where we from
This is where we belong

And if it ain't for the better of the people, nah
'Cause you, you robbing and stealing from the people
That been there for so many years
Not just come and destroy
And knocking our neighborhoods down
You know, when they come here, you invisible
You know, you don't even have a number in the system
Nobody cares about you

Everything is about dollars and cents
You know, even when you're talking the government
You know, even when you're talking about the
The, the preachers and the people
That's running the community
And we have to show them the evolution
Of where we come from
I'm about to send a message to the world, like
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