Sunz Of Man

[ chorus: sunz of man ]
Aiyyo this rap game ain't what it seems
Artists get cream turn fiend
Selling people a dream

[ hell razah ]
Aiyyo, you rappers don't amuse me wit your crystals or oozies
Industry groupies, living after movies
They scarfaced my race, some support hate
Lifes a court date, some die to escape so hold your weight
You niggas brag too much, fuck wit us we bag you up
And use the same clique that you thought would back you up
Its nine eight eliminate bait and open gates
Enough with chains and whips lets make brains eclipse
We all claim we rich, hold thugs in crypts
Forgot about the seeds growing up seven to six
Fuck a benz wit tints I got the razor prints
Yall rappers love idols there it is I'm convinced
Burn my contract, mental combat
And stomp your battle rap wit a vietnam track
Red and white sadaam rap sippin cognac
I bet you didnt loopb know that the real jews are black
I tell the truth cat where your mind chooses at
The world or the heavens?
God or the reverend?
Your girl or your weapon?
Christ armageddon armageddon ( geddon )
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