Not Promised Tomorrow

Sunz Of Man

Your not promised tommorrow
( you know what I'm sayin )
We are livin by the bottle
( the pages of life turn every day )
Be careful what you follow
( word up, check this one )

Guns and clips, carried by cliques, eighty six
Same shit nine six the old and young switch
Poor verses rich, wars and conflicts hit
Politics get rich off the bloods and the crips
Slaves shoot slaves, modern day egypt
Brooklyn convicts is conned to be vics
Harassed by the cops from up the block precinct
Fugitives forever they choose to live together
Scheme to get cheddar from anybody livin better
However, the money getters follow trend setters
Wit black nine berettas now they writin jail letters
Government give us guns so we go and kill each other
Handmade drugs destroy our sisters and our brothers
Some turn thieves defeat theyre seeds and theyre mothers
Undercover cops under the cover sell glocks
A free box of shell if you miss any shots
Crack spots and hell only stops burn cells
Pale horses, evil forces, crime bosses
Weak mind double crossers cause mic forces
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