Sunz Of Man

This goes out.
This what y'all niggaz all been looking for.
A litte story for all my brothers.
You know what I'm saying? sunz of man return.
We gon' walk on by and keep it moving.
Just when it got cold.
Cold sunz we got jewels, we gon' walk on by and keep it moving.
Check it. moving. word up.

[hell razah]
Aiyyo, my thoughts be colorless
The undercover rich, haters loving it, watch the hell king tut' with it
Queen's, bathtubbing it, my diamond's cutting it
Sharp and on point, fuck the tricks of the government
Money rules the world, watch my people suffering
Cops busting in, handcuffing men 'til they wrist bleed
Some read what they don't need, give to seed
Black, lebanese, rabbis in green fatigues
Microphone masked mc's, macabees
Hard head mc's get told and still they freeze
The truth came in flesh but still you don't believe
The best thing you know is the spots to find weed
Get the knowledge dungarees, we still struglling
Sunz of man, uk keep it bubbling
We come to clubs, like the ones who bring the trouble in
What, he sold his soul, life publishing
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